Science & Sensors Technologies® Optical Fiber Sensors

Science & Sensors Technologies®, S&ST, develops and manufactures side-illuminated optical fiber devices.

Our technology has applications in the Security, Aerospace, Educational, Agriculture, Construction and Environmental markets.

Our patented technology delivers multi-point sensing capability at a very low cost.

At S&ST we:

  • Demonstrated 20 cm long fibers that can accommodate 40 sensing points, or more, 5 mm long each, using a single detector.
  • Successfully networked multiple of these devices.
  • Demonstrated water sample sensing at the micro fluidics level.
  • Invented a multi-sample optical fiber colorimeter that can make simultaneous measurements with a single detection spectrometer.

Science and Sensor Technology

We have patents issued in the US, Europe, Japan, Russia, China, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Philippines and New Zealand. We also have patents pending in India, Canada, Brazil, Peru and Israel.  Our patents cover the following side illuminated devices:

  1. A fluorescent cladding with multiple sensing points.
  2. An absorption based cladding sensor.
  3. A bare core fiber for optical measurements.
  4. A tapered core fiber with and without an active cladding.
  5. An optical fiber with a very high density of sensing points: at least one point for every 5 mm of fiber.
  6. Simultaneous sensing of multiple sensing points with a single detection system and others.

With commercially available technology, such as LED print heads having 1,000 LEDs/cm, it is possible to design a side illuminated sensor that can accommodate one sensing point for every 10 microns of fiber. This unexpected capability can be considered the precursor of the first artificial nerve. For comparison purposes, the human hand averages 2,500 nerve endings per square centimeter. S&ST’s sensors have the capability of producing 1,000,000 sensing points per square centimeter: 400 times denser!